Dear Muslim Friends,

Our hearts are breaking for the people of Palestine!

We have been there several times and have visited these places:

  • Al Quds (Jerusalem) – where we went up by the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third most holy site in Islam;
  • Bethlehem – the birthplace of our Savior, Jesus (you call him, Isa al Masih) – we visited Palestinian Muslim refugee friends in the Aida (Arabic: مخيم عايده‎) refugee camp there;
  • Beit Jala (Arabic: بيت جالا) – a Palestinian Christian town in the Bethlehem Governorate of Palestine, in the West Bank located 10 km (6.2 mi)10 km south of Jerusalem;
  • Beit Sahour (Arabic: بيت ساحور ) – a Palestinian town east of Bethlehem;
  • Ramallah (Arabic: رام الله, lit. ‘God’s Height’) – a Palestinian city in the central West Bank;
  • Rammun (Arabic: رمّون) – a Palestinian town in the central West Bank, located twelve kilometers east of Ramallah.  I have been blessed to stay in the village 3-4 times with Palestinian relatives of our dear Muslim friends from Michigan.
  • Jericho (Arabic: أريحا ) – claimed to be the oldest city in the world; the Christian gospels in the Bible state that Jesus passed through Jericho where he healed blind beggars (Matthew 20:29), and inspired a local chief tax collector named Zacchaeus to repent of his dishonest practices (Luke 19:1–10). The road between Jerusalem and Jericho is the setting for the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

We know from having Palestinian Muslim and Palestinian Christian friends that life has been so hard for the Palestinian people since “The Nakba” (Arabic: النكبة, lit. ‘the “disaster”, “catastrophe”) of 1948.

We know that the suffering has never ended since that terrible nightmare of permanent displacement for so many Arab people.

And now. . .this latest catastrophe in the land that we love.


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While we feel despair and hopelessness for the people of Gaza, we will continue to pray for the Arab and Jewish people of this land.

God is great, yes, but God is also goodPerfect.  Righteous.  Just.  All-seeing.  All-knowing.  Full of mercy and compassion.

He saves.  He rescues.

And He even uses evil to bring about ultimate, eternal goodThis is part of our many prayers for the people of Palestine, especially those in Gaza.

As always, I love you, my Muslim friends. . .


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