After pastoring full or part time in various churches in several American states for 25 years, the Lord called me to go in another direction in 2006: to work with international students at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.  God has given me a strong and special love for Muslim students from the U.S.and around the world.  It is a joy to build relationships with them and to help promote inter-faith dialogue on the university campus.  I also greatly enjoy wonderful conversations and friendship with Muslims around our area in restaurants, fruit and vegetable markets, gas stations, the barber shop, car repair shops, and our local mosques.

I also speak frequently at churches in our area and around the U.S.encouraging Christians to engage in sincere conversation and genuine friendship with Muslim people – to let go of fear, anger, and harmful stereotypes and enter into honest, meaningful dialogue about faith matters such as, “What is God like?”  “Why did Jesus come to earth?” and “How can we enter paradise/heaven?”

Finally, I find great pleasure in traveling overseas with my wife to speak in ex-pat churches and also engage in building bridges of friendship with our wonderful Muslim friends.