Today, the first day of 2012, a dream is fulfilled: the launching of a blog which I hope will be a small step forward in bringing Muslims and Christians together!  My deep desire is to see us talk with each other — heart to heart, not head to head.  Head to head conversations become debates with winners and losers.  Heart to heart conversations create bridges of friendship strong enough to bear the weight of people speaking openly and honestly.  Don’t we need more of that in a world in which many (not all) Christians and Muslims harbor inner fears – or even animosity – toward one another?

Whenever you look at this blog, note that it has 4 purposes:

  1. Building Bridges of Friendship, Trust, & Understanding Between Muslims &  Christians
  2. Tearing Down Walls of Suspicion, Fear, Anger, & Prejudice
  3. Planting Seeds of Peace in a World of Conflict & Violence
  4. Inspiring Dialogue of Faith Issues Using Honesty, Sincerity, & Mutual Respect

Would you join me in learning and listening?  This is not a forum to preach at each other.  This is a forum to talk with each other through the replies and threads.

Watch for blogs about once a week but the next one will be much sooner!