It was late on a Sunday afternoon last August.  Somehow the three of us — Ammar, Menachem, and I – met for the first time on top of a high balcony in Al-Quds (Jerusalem).  All of us were trying to gain a higher vantage point from which to get a better view of the amazing and famously picturesque Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Western Wall.  But I know it was more than just “coincidence” that brought us together in the midst of the Old City!  As adherents of the three monotheistic religions, I believe it was a “God-incidence”  that caused our paths to cross on that late summer afternoon.  What a great time we had talking about our faiths – what we have in common and. . .what we don’t.  All in the context of mutual respect.  No hint of fear, or anger, or even anxiety.  We were truly listening to each other.  We were “building bridges.”  

So. . .why another blog?  Everyone has one, right?  Honestly, a desire to start this blog was birthed in my heart a year ago – a desire to see Muslims and Christians come together (maybe our Jewish friends too).  It is a desire to see many others around the globe do just what Ammar, Mehachem, and I began to do in that place sacred to all of us (Jerusalem): “to build bridges of friendship, trust, and understanding.”  

In this blog, my sincere hope is that you will read and respond – both to me and to each other.  Let me begin by saying that I am not an expert in anything.  Rather, I hope to speak from my heart about topics that I think will create interest, thought, and real change in how we view one another and how we interact with one another.  My desire is that Muslims and Christians will use this forum to have heart-to-heart conversations with one other and with me.

Will you join me in this great and needed purpose in our world today – to build bridges of friendship, trust, and understanding between Muslims and Christians?

Whether you name is Muhammad or Matthew, I would love to hear short accounts of your bridge-building experiences with members of the other faith.  Whether your name is Fatima or Faith, I would treasure the opportunity to hear a few of your thoughts as well.  Whether you live in the Middle East or the Midwest, whether you live in Indonesia or Indiana, please feel welcome here and please share what is in your heart!

Let’s enjoy this bridge-building journey together.  And let’s do it with respect, sincerity, and honesty. 

So I end this second ever post on with questions for you.

To my Muslim friendsWhat are you doing to “build bridges of friendship, trust, and understanding” with Christians?                                                 

To my Christian friendsWhat are you doing to “build bridges of friendship, trust, and understanding” with Muslims?

Please share your thoughts and experiences!