In my last blog post, I wrote about the most beautiful mosque I have ever seen: the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi from my picture above.

It truly was a stunning sight – both inside and out.

As I took a tour of the mosque, at one point our guide was impressed to say something to all of us:

“Stop looking at me (when I talk). Look at the mosque. The mosque is much more important than I am.”

When he said those words, God immediately spoke something to my heart, “That man – every person – is far more important than this building.”

After the tour, I waited for our guide to finish answering questions and asked him a few questions of my own:

“Did you say that this mosque is more important than you are?” (he affirmed that he had said that)

“In Islam, will everything we see on earth last forever?” (he affirmed that it would not)

“In Islam, will people last forever after they die?” (he affirmed that they would)

“So. . .since you are a person created by Almighty God. . .aren’t you more important to Him than this mosque which will not last forever?” (this was harder for him but again, he finally affirmed that by this logic, yes, this was true)

In this short post, I just want to say to all my readers – Muslim, Christian, from another religion, or from no religion – you are much more important than any building ever made. No matter how significant that building is. No matter how much it cost. No matter how beautiful it is.

Nothing is more important to God than you are.

God envisioned you.

God created you.

God loves you.

He sent Jesus to show you how much He loves you.

Think about this kind of love. This kind of importance.

Let it stir your heart to learn more about this kind of God. To learn more about this great and wonderful Jesus.

Yes, you. . .you are certainly, definitely, infinitely more important to God than the most beautiful mosque.