I wonder. . .how many Christians have ever been in a mosque?

I wonder. . .how many Christians know a Muslim?

I wonder. . .how many Christians would say they have a Muslim friend?

(It is my great, great joy to say a resounding “Yes!” to each of these questions for myself.)

This post is about Christians visiting a mosque. This post is to encourage Christians to call their local mosque and ask for a time to go there and meet the local imam (the spiritual leader), or observe a prayer time, or take a tour (see pictures here of a recent visit I had to a mosque in Colorado with my wife and a group from a nearby church).

This post is not an encouragement for Christians to go to the mosque and have an unfriendly debate or to “pick a theological fight” about Christianity vs. Islam.

No, my hope and prayer is that Christians will put aside suspicions, fears, or anger and try to do what this blog is about: build bridges of friendship, trust, and understanding.

When I go to the mosque, I go to love and to learn. I know that I am on the turf of my Muslim friends. I need to show respect. Give honor. (“Show proper respect to everyone. . .” The Bible, 1 Peter 2:17).

So. . .to my Christian readers. . .how about it?

Why don’t you take my challenge?

Check out a mosque near you!

You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find when you walk in the door!