It was a long taxi ride that September evening in Jordan.

About an hour and a half.

I was on my way to see a dear Muslim friend near Amman.

While I rode in the taxi, I engaged in conversation with my driver – as I always try to do and very much enjoy. Thankfully, his English was quite good (since I know only about a dozen Arabic words). I asked about his family, his life. Life in Jordan. Then I asked him about his faith as a Muslim. What a great talk we had! What a wonderful man I had met!

It was so obvious that his faith was real to him – not just an outward exercise of obeying rules (that we can all fall into if we are not careful) but a very deep, genuine, inner desire to live for God and please Him.

At one point I said to him,

“You really love God, don’t you?”

He replied,

“Sometimes I just cry when I think about Him. Sometimes – during the day – I cry several times.”

I shared with him that God must be so pleased with his love for Him because Isa – Jesus – said:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30)

I know that many Muslims – particularly in the Middle East – are having dreams of Jesus and so I asked if he had ever had a dream of Jesus.

“Yes,” he said, “many of them.”

This was quite exciting to me as I have never had one of these dreams myself!

I questioned him, “What are the dreams like? What does Jesus look like? What did you experience? How did it make you feel?”

My wonderful taxi driver said these things consistently happened in his dreams of Jesus over the years:

*** Jesus’ face could not be seen but. . .
*** He appeared in a brilliant, bright light.
*** The setting was in a beautiful, green, garden like place.
*** His presence and his words brought great peace to his heart.

I shared a statement of Isa al Masih – Jesus the Messiah, the one he saw in the brilliant light – from the Injeel (the Good News according to John, chapter 8, verse 12):


When we got to our destination, I told him I had two cd’s of songs and I would like to give him one as a gift. He picked one by a group called “Mercy Me” entitled, “The Hurt And The Healer.”

I close this post with a song below from that cd dedicated to my new friend:

I hope he is enjoying the music and that we will ride together again one day in his little taxi – talking about life and faith – the things that really matter.

I appreciate this man: the taxi driver in Jordan who cries about God. . .and dreams about Jesus.