When Muslims and Christians get together, when they build genuine friendship, when they talk about life and faithI get excited!

People say it can’t be done.

It can!

Watch this video about Imam Talib and Pastor Hanna from our good friends at Sabeel media (http://vimeo.com/sabeel):

Meeting these men recently was a joy to me.

May there be so much more of this kind of friendship between Muslims and Christians!

This is my prayer.

(Postscript: while I believe in Muslims and Christians building friendship, I also believe that genuine friendship should be strong enough to withstand the weight of honest sharing about what we believe:

* What we each believe about God: who is He? what is He like?
* What we each believe about Isa – Jesus: who is he? why did he come to earth?
* What we each believe about paradise – heaven: how can we get there? what do we need to do? what we do we need to believe?

If we are truly friends, if we truly love each other. . .let us talk from our hearts about these things.)