A few years ago, my wife and I were experiencing what you might call “a bad day”our car was stolen while we were attending a worship service at a church in Washington, D.C. While we were waiting for the police to come, we got a call: my dear mother was just in a horrible car accident. The caller said that she was OK but that she was trapped in her car and was being cut out of it. Once they got her out, they were going to bring a helicopter to the accident scene and fly her 200 miles away to a hospital because a surgery was needed immediately.

I honestly can’t remember if I was thanking and praising the Lord in that situation. But I can tell you this: my mother has always been one to praise and thank Him at all times. In fact, the way she ends many of our phone conversations is, “We’ll just keep praying and praising.”

She’s 88 years old now, doing very well, and she still thanks and praises God every day. . .no matter what the situation, good or bad. She loves Him and trusts Him (she is in the above picture with me just a few weeks after that terrible accident).

Recently, a nephew of mine became extremely sick. His little 6 year old brother was super concerned. He feared his older brother might die but. . .he too knows the power of prayer and praise. Here is my younger nephew’s prayer:

Dear Jesus,
I bless you have made every person & created the world. I will praise you every day, and every night. Oh, and I bless you will help my brother stop crying & help him breathe.
I will be sad if he dies. I will actually be really really really sad. But if he doesn’t die I will be crying for joy. So remember my prayer.

Here is the actual prayer he wrote on a sheet (front and back):



My 88 year old mother and my 6 year old nephew – always praising, blessing, thanking the Lord.

May we do the same.

“No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you” (The Injil, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, TLB).