In my last post, I wrote about the happiest man I have ever met. He was not rich. He lived in no castle, had no fancy cars, ate no expensive food, and slept in no comfortable bed.

This happy man had. . .nothing.

He was a prisoner in a Russian prison – a prison in the heart of one of the coldest places on earth – Siberia.

But this man was happy. Really happy. Why? Because he was about to be released from that terrible place? No. Actually, he had refused his release.

He was happy because while he was in prison, he became free. Someone told him that God would forgive all his many sins if he put his faith in Jesus. He did and his life was radically changed – from the inside out.

Happiness really isn’t about everything on the outside is it?

Many of you have heard of the song, “Happy” performed by American singer and producer, Pharrell Williams. As of today, the music video of “Happy” has been viewed on YouTube over 255 million times.

People all over the world – including Gaza – have made their own “Happy” videos using Williams’ song. Gaza is a place most outsiders would not think of as a “happy” place because of their lack of food, lack of fuel, and lack of freedom.

But just watch this rendition of “Happy” from Gaza:

Happiness is not about what is happening on the outside but what is happening on the inside.

Happy. In Gaza? Yes!

How about you?