I try to write a blog post each week but this week, I am out of gas. Tired. Lots of travel. Not much energy or creativity.

But something did come to mind. Something very simple. Even though it is the title of this blog, I probably do not say it enough in each post I write:

I love you, my Muslim friends!

Our heart-to-heart conversations about God, Jesus, heaven, and hell stir my soul – even when we disagree on certain very important points.

Your hospitality, generosity, and kindness bless me greatly.

You are in my heart and on my mind – every day.

You make my life richer, fuller.

You are my neighbors.

You are my friends.

I love you.


PostScript: Recently I was at a series of meetings with Christian leaders from around the United States. At one point, I was introduced to the group. A friend told me later that when my name was announced, he heard a man in the crowd behind him whisper to another man:

“That’s the guy that loves Muslims.”

Because of God’s love inside my heart, I can say that I do.

I really do.