Some pretty insensitive and crazy and just plain wrong things have been said lately about the immigration of Muslims to America.
(please see my last blog post: It is entitled, “Should Immigration Of Muslims To America Be Stopped? Astaghfirullah!”)

These comments have come as a result of recent “lone wolf” jihadist violence in Western countries: Great Britain, France, Denmark, Canada, Australia, and America, and the concern that some people have about Muslims in America becoming radicalized by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

I am just one person (and just one person without a huge amount of influence at that!) but I want to send a message to Muslims coming to America:



Like all immigrants, if you want to obey the laws of America, I – and others – welcome you here! I – and others – want you here!

For those of you who are already here in America – whether you were born in America, whether you came here as an immigrant, whether you came here as an international student, or whether you came here as a refugee:

I am glad that you are in America.
You make America a better place. A richer place.
You make my life a better life. A richer life.

I love you, my Muslim friends.


And I know many other Christians feel exactly the same way.