To my fellow Christians,

Muslims are all the same, right? They’re all out to get us, right?

Recently, my wife and I met a nice Muslim family and guess what? They didn’t try to harm us!

Imagine that! Can you believe it?

We were driving through Iowa and stopped to eat at a McDonald’s. As we were going in, we saw a Muslim family sitting alone. I said hello and suddenly they were giving us some of their food: chicken sandwiches, french fries, and colas.

These Iraqi immigrants even invited us repeatedly to come to their home.


Can you believe it? I thought all Muslims were out to get us. I thought they were only in America to take over and install sharia law. After all, don’t they want to take over the world? Change the way we live?

Aren’t they all. . .terrorists?

Surely they can’t be nice, or if they are, they must have a hidden agenda.

Something. . .nefarious.

I watch cable news (they report only the truth, right?). So I know what is really happening.


Someone told me once: “Never trust a Muslim.”

So even though that Muslim family in Iowa seemed nice, it must have been fake. A façade. I’m glad we didn’t go to their house. Who knows what might have happened to us?

So be careful. And listen every night to what they say on cable news.

Muslims are all the same – they’re all out to get us.


Dear Muslim readers,

I hope you quickly realize that everything I have written above is pure satire.

“Satire” is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, sarcasm, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s ignorance on a certain subject.

Satire is used to denounce a certain way of thinking. In this case I attempted to use it to ridicule and denounce racism and ignorant stereotypes of Muslims in America and in the West.


I truly love Muslims.

My wife and I have met hundreds of beautiful, kind, gentle, humble, hospitable – and peaceful – Muslims, both in America and in The Middle East. We have been in their homes. We have eaten with them, laughed with them, listened to them, and loved them.

Sadly, however, too many Americans see the actions of Muslim extremists as reported on television or internet and then (mistakenly) make sweeping generalizations of all Muslims.

Primarily because of the media, they have attitudes like the fictional story portrayed above.

One of my goals in this blog and in my work is to change that. And with God’s help, I will.


Dear Christian readers,

Yes, there is terrorism in the world today – jihadists who are bent on “slaying the infidels wherever they find them.” They kidnap, rape, enslave, and behead Christians and others. I absolutely deplore it. We must not be ignorant about it. But do you know – has anyone told you – that these radicals kill more Muslims than anyone else? (if anyone understands the horrors of the terrorists, it is the moderates)

I hope and pray that you will not allow the media to completely influence or frame your opinions of Muslim people.

I hope and pray that you will not allow yourself to think about Muslims in ways that do not honor or imitate our Savior, Jesus. His way is always the way of love. His love casts out fear</em.


If you haven’t, I hope and pray that you will get to know Muslim people as we have. Be a peacemaker. Love your neighbor.

I guarantee you, Muslims will be blessed.

And so will you.

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