Dear Muslim Friends,

Does Allah love you?

Personally? Intimately?

How do you know?

Does Allah love you because you have done salat? Zakat? Performed hajj or umrah? Practiced dawa? Followed the sunnah?

If you have done these things to the best of your ability, can you be absolutely sure that Allah loves you?

My dear Muslim friends, may I share why I believe God loves me? (If you are still reading, I will assume the answer is “yes”).

It isn’t because I have kept all of God’s commands perfectly. Because I haven’t.

No, God’s love for me is not based on my goodness.

It is not based on my merit or achievement or performance or all my good works.


God’s love for me – and you – is based on Him, not us. On His goodness, not ours.

It is simply called. . .grace.


My Muslim friends, God loves you. Now. Today.

It doesn’t matter what you have done. . .or not done.

God proved His love for you once and for all when He sent Jesus.

Love is proven by how much one is willing to sacrifice for another.

And that is the subject of my next blog post as expressed by this incredible verse:


God truly loves you, my Muslim friends. And so do I.