Dear Muslim & Christian friends,

As I was worshiping the Lord this morning and preparing to read the Injil, I was thinking of two prayers – my two greatest prayers today.

Here is the first prayer:

“Almighty God in Heaven, I love you so much. I thank You so much for all that You’ve done for me. You reached down and saved me when I could not save myself. I thank you for sins forgiven and life eternal. I thank you for all of that and so much more. But here is my greatest prayer today: I ask that I not fail you but that I stay faithful and true to You. That I would not walk away from the One who has done so much for me. I pray that whatever you ask me to do, I will do it with joyful obedience, firm commitment, and quick action. I ask that my life will be an honor and glory to Your great name. That I would never bring shame to your rightful reputation as the Holy One. I know I can never do this alone and so I am asking that by Your grace and by Your strength, I would not fail You in this life but instead, be faithful and true.”

faith ful

And this is my other greatest prayer today:

“Almighty God in Heaven, You have given me the most wonderful wife and family that I could ever have dreamed of. My wife has been so faithful to me through these 37 years of marriage. She has persevered through many hard times but stayed with me. That is a credit to her, but especially to You. My prayer is that, not only would I not fail You in this life, but that I would not fail my wife. If I should die before she does, I want her to be able to look back and say that her husband truly loved her more than any other person on the earth and was faithful and true to her to the end.”

“Oh God in heaven, these are my 2 greatest prayers today: that I would be faithful and true – to You and to my wife.”

These words – faithful and true – are used to describe Jesus (Revelation 19:11). I want them to describe me as well.