Dear Muslim friends,

Today Christians all over the world celebrate Easter – the day we believe our Savior, Jesus – rose from the dead (it is called the “resurrection”).

You can read about this incredible story in the Injil, The Good News According to John, surah 20).

Here is a movie reenactment:

Jesus Rises From The Dead

Why do Christians celebrate Easter – the day Jesus rose from the dead?

#1 – Because it means that God approved Jesus’ sacrifice for the sins of the world (if Jesus was a liar and an imposter, God would have left him in the grave).

#2 – Because it means that now all who put their faith in Jesus and his sacrifice can be totally forgiven of every sin (that is what he promised).

#3 – Because it means that no one needs to fear death anymore (Jesus conquered death through his resurrection).

#4 – Because it means that no one needs to fear the Day of Judgment or hellfire anymore (Jesus took all of God’s wrath and punishment for our sins upon himself).

#5 – Because it means that whoever believes in Jesus and follows him will have eternal life with God in Paradise – for eternity (again, this was his promise).

This is why Christians celebrate Easter. . .

And why we desperately hope that one day you will too.