Dear Muslim Friends,

We have all heard of the latest act of terrorism – the mass shooting in Orlando this past weekend. 49 dead. Over 50 more injured. Tragic. Heart-breaking.

But my Muslim friends, I feel so badly for you too. You who love peace. You who must cringe every time you hear of another shooting attributed to a “Muslim extremist. . .”

Today, I wrote this piece below and put it on my private Facebook page as well as my I Love Muslims Facebook page. I hope it lets you know that no matter how many attacks like this take place, there are Christians who sincerely love you.

I choose love. . .


In times like today (the tragedy in Orlando), I am challenged all the more to love like Jesus. His is not a naive love. It does not bury its head in the sand in trying to be politically correct about the reality of terrorism, of radical jihadists. But neither does it stereotype all Muslims and spread more fear and anger.

Others differ but I believe there is a time for waging war on the battlefield to stop evil and there is also a time for waging peace in our interpersonal relationships with those who are Muslim but hate ISIS and the kind of violence done in Orlando.

How would you like to be a truly peaceful Muslim today and be lumped together with this deranged shooter? Or with ISIS? To hear Donald Trump repeatedly call for steps to be taken against you? How would you like to be a Muslim parent whose child came home from school today with tears because he or she was treated with contempt because of Orlando?

It’s a fact: there are Muslim extremists. Jihadists. Terrorists. Evil, evil people. No doubt about it. And they must be stopped.

But let me tell you. My Muslim friends hate this violence. And because of all the stereotyping, they need love tonight.

I choose love. I choose to love Muslims in a time that is difficult for them.

I choose to love. . .like Jesus.