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Dear American Muslim Friends,

Today is a big day in American history. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.

Now, 240 years later, our nation is a nation of more and more immigrants from all over the globe. And now, though our country began with Judeo-Christian roots, many of these immigrants are Muslims. For this, I am glad. I am glad because I want to be a reflection to all Muslims of the love of Jesus in my heart.

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And so, dear Muslim friends, here is my prayer for you on July 4, 2016:

“Almighty God in Heaven,
I thank You today on Independence Day that You have brought Muslim people here to America from all over the world. I thank You for the many American Muslims that I know and love and count as friends.”

“Almighty God, I pray for Muslims in this time of horrific terrorism. Extremists seem to be rising up everywhere. I ask that You would stop them and help them to see who You really are – a God of love. I ask that Americans would not allow the media to stereotype all Muslims in their minds. I ask that they would not be prejudiced or even racist toward American Muslims (or Muslim international students and refugees) during this time of our upcoming presidential election.”

“Lord, I ask that American Christians would befriend American Muslims and show them kindness, hospitality, and generosity. That Christians would go the extra mile in helping, serving, giving. Almighty God, when it comes to Muslims, I pray that Christians would become more like Jesus (compassion, grace, and truth) and less like Jonah (running away because of fear and hate).”

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“O Father in Heaven, I pray that churches would reach out to mosques and have sincere, respectful, heart-to-heart dialogues about their faiths – both the similarities, as well as the differences. I ask that love would rule over those times of Muslim-Christian conversation. I ask that no one would try to ‘win,’ but all would try to learn.”

“Lord, I ask that all of us – Muslims and Christians – would see clearly who Jesus is. I ask during these last few days of Ramadan that my American Muslim friends would have dreams of ‘the man in white’the Prophet Jesus. I ask that he would speak to hearts and minds through these dreams and visions.”

“Finally, great and merciful God in Heaven, I pray that You would help the relatives of American Muslims in these countries especially: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya (and also those affected by terrorism most recently in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia). The people of those countries have suffered so greatly! Come, Lord, and heal. Come, Lord, and bring Your mercy to the suffering.”

“This is my 4th of July prayer today, O God, for American Muslims.”

“And as a follower of Jesus, I pray all these things in His name.”