Today, because of all the e-commerce and the widespread use of credit cards, identity theft has become a huge concern. People find our key identification numbers and then take over ‘our identity’ and charge up enormous bills in our names – stealing our money, using our credit.”


Satan, however, is the greatest identity thief. When he gains control over a human heart, that heart can lose its identity – the values, the commitments, the purposes of that person become lost as a new ‘evil’ personality begins to display itself.”

For one unfortunate demon-possessed man, identity theft is complete. (His story is found in the Injeel in Mark 5 and Luke 7). He lives alone in the place of death spending countless hours in sub-human behavior harming himself. He can’t even give his name. His identity has become fused with the evil presences that now live inside him. Let’s never forget Satan’s intentions for us. He longs to rob us of our character, our will, and our identity. Yet we can resist and overcome him by God’s power. The key to doing so, however, is a commitment to vigilance and passion for the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.”

O LORD, Sovereign God of all the earth, come and rule over my heart and drive out from me the influence of the Deceiver and his demonic angels. Purify my heart and remove from me any residue of sin that would open the door for Satan to invade my heart and influence my life. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”
(from website, Heartlight,

Jesus – Isa al Masih – said:

John-10-10 (2)

Here is a song about this man who lived in the tombs, cut himself, tore off his clothes, and broke chains meant to hold him.


This man was possessed by Sheytan’s (Satan’s) power. . .until Jesus set him free.

Bob Bennett

© 1989 Matters Of The Heart Music (ASCAP)

Man of the tombs
He lives in a place where no one goes
And he tears at himself
And lives with a pain that no one knows

He counts himself dead among the living
He knows no mercy and no forgiving
Deep in the night he’s driven to cry out loud
Can you hear him cry out loud?

Man of the tombs
Possessed by an unseen enemy
He breaks every chain

And mistakes his freedom for being free
Shame and shamelessness equally there
Like a random toss of a coin in the air
Man of the tombs, he’s driven to cry out loud

Underneath this thing that I’ve become
A fading memory of flesh and blood
I curse the womb, I bless the grave
I’ve lost my heart, I cannot be saved

Like those who fear me, I’m afraid
Like those I’ve hurt, I can feel pain
Naked now before my sin
And these stones that cut against my skin
Some try to touch me, but no one can
For man of the tombs I am

Down at the shoreline
Two sets of footprints meet

One voice is screaming
Other voice begins to speak
In only a moment and only a word
The evil departs like a thundering herd

Man of the tombs, he hears this cry out loud

Underneath this thing that you’ve become
I see a man of flesh and blood
I give you life beyond the grave
I heal your heart, I come to save
No need to fear, be not afraid
This Man of Sorrows knows your pain
I come to take away your sin
And bear it’s marks upon My skin

When no one can touch you, still I can
For Son of God I am

Dressed now and seated
Clean in spirit and healthy of mind
Man of the tombs
He begs to follow, but must stay behind
He’ll return to his family with stories to tell
Of mercy and madness, of heaven and hell
Man of the tombs, soon he will cry out loud

Underneath this thing that I once was
Now I’m a man of flesh and blood
I have a life beyond the grave
I found my heart, I can now be saved
No need to fear, I am not afraid
This Man of sorrows took my pain
He comes to take away our sin
And bear it’s marks upon His skin

I’m telling you this story because
Man of the tombs I was