Dear Muslim and Christian friends,

For many months, I have been tied up in knots in my soul about this Presidential election. It has caused me so much inner turmoil. Angst. Frustration.

For many months, I have grieved the fact that out of nearly 325 million people, we could not find 2 better people as our candidates for the highest political office in America.

For many months, I have wondered how I could vote in good conscience for either of these candidates (my apologies to those who like either of them).

A few days ago, I read an article that touched my heart. . .with conviction. Conviction of my sin regarding this election.

This is my prayer of repentance tonight.


“Oh God,

For the first time in many months, I have a new peace about the presidential election in my country of America.

For so long, I have had tremendous inner turmoil because I don’t like either candidate that is before me. I have searched for the reason for this turmoil and not really understand it very well.

Until today.

So Almighty God in heaven, this is my confession before You – a holy God. This is my prayer of repentance.

Forgive me, first of all, for not trusting in You above all else. I have not trusted that You are King over all the world and in spite of chaos and confusion and human sin, I have not trusted that You are in total control during this election process.

984001_10200892778629330_2019450667_n.jpg God is in control

I have trusted too much in elected officials to bring goodness and rightness and justice to our land and not enough in the often quiet, unseen, but exceedingly powerful work of Your Holy Spirit in the lives of people.

f14a00f3b62f891bdc1429c3ef98c234.jpg trust

I have not trusted that You are using the events in this political election process for Your wise and good purposes – even when candidates are flawed and sinful (like me).

When did I forget that You’ve always been the King of the world? How could I make You so small when You’re the One who holds it all?

I know You are interested in the political process because You’re interested in all the affairs of mankind. But I know that political candidates and political parties are never the real answer. And maybe this is something you are trying to teach all of us in this crazy and confusing presidential election.

I have made an idol of my country. I have made an idol of the United States of America.

I have made an idol of safety and security. Of protection from persecution.

maxresdefault (3).jpg idolatry

You are God and absolutely nothing is as important as You.

I guess there’s one more thing that I want to repent of and it’s an ugly thing: hatred. I confess to you that I have had great disdain for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in my heart.


But hatred is not from You. It is not one of the values of Your Kingdom. It is not the way Jesus lived or what he taught. It is not how I want to live as a Christian – as a follower of Jesus. So I ask your forgiveness for how I have hatefully spoken against both of these candidates and how I have felt about them in my heart. Your word commands me to pray for those in government and I have failed in this and I repent to You.

So today, dear Lord in Heaven, I accept Your gracious forgiveness for my sins of idolatry, hatred, and lack of true trust in You. And I thank You for a new peace which is filling my soul and replacing the angst and inner turmoil which ruled my heart for too long.

Oh Lord, You are God and I am not and I commit myself – from my heart – to a new trust in Your perfect wisdom regarding this presidential election.


psalm-31.jpg trust