I try to write a blog post each week but this week, I am out of gas. Tired. I have been sick for much of three weeks. Not much energy or creativity.

But something did come to mind from a previous post from 2014. Something very simple. Even though it is the title of this blog, I probably do not say it enough in each post I write:

I love you, my Muslim friends!

Our heart-to-heart conversations about God, Jesus, heaven, and hell stir my soul – even when we disagree on certain very important points.

Your hospitality, generosity, and kindness bless me greatly.

You are in my heart and on my mindevery day.

You make my life richer, fuller.

You are my neighbors.

You are my friends.

I love you.


PostScript: Recently I was at a series of meetings with Christian leaders from around the United States. At one point, I was introduced to the group. A friend told me later that when my name was announced, he heard a man in the crowd behind him whisper to another man:

“That’s the guy that loves Muslims.”

Because of God’s love inside my heart, I can say that I do.

I really do.