Sometimes we get so tired. So weary.

With life. Just living in this difficult world. The hardships of life. Carrying heavy loads. Trying to make it through. . .to Paradise. To Heaven.

Matthew-11_28-e1373200289584.jpg tired

Sometimes, we may even get tired trying to please God. To keep all His commands. We can’t keep them perfectly – as hard as we try.

If you have felt this way. . .or you feel this way today. . .Jesus wants to speak to your heart.

He says, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (The Injil, Matthew chapter 11, verse 28)

Jesus walked this earth. He knows it’s difficulties and heartaches.

Geoff Moore’s song, “Come To Me,” expresses it well:

When life’s river
Becomes a trickling stream
I’ve got to remember
He will make a way to find the sea
When the ground is dry and cracking
From the heat of my daily routine
That’s when a slow down and listen
And I hear my Savior whispering

Come to me
Come to me
When you are weary
When you are wandering
Come to me, come to me
Cast your cares upon The One
Whose yoke is easy
And whose burden is light

When you feel like an island in a raging storm
No matter what your fear says
Jesus will never leave you alone
He sees, He hears, and He feels your pain
He will not pass you by
Hear him now as He calls you by name

Jesus says…

matthew-11-28.jpg tired