Dear Muslim friends around the world,

I know you have been in Ramadan for several days but I never wished you a blessed Ramadan until now. I pray for you in these remaining days that you and your family would be blessed by God.

As you seek God in this special time, may He hear your prayers. . .and may you hear His amazing voice.

A Nepalese Muslim boy offers prayer during Eid al-Fitr celebrations at a mosque in Kathmandu

I pray you will see God in new, amazing ways. I pray you will understand His love for you – a love so great we can never fully comprehend it (Ephesians 3:16-19), a love that was proven through God sending His beloved Jesus as a sacrifice for your every sin (and mine). I pray you might even experience something Muslims all over the world are experiencing: a dream or vision of Isa – Jesus – the man in white. (Wow! I would like to have one of those too!)

C_03a-photo.jpg hand dream of Jesus

God bless you, dear Muslim friends.

I love you.

Much more importantly, Jesus loves you and gave his life for you (John 3:16).

Ramadan Mubarak!

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