Dear Muslim Friends,

I wrote the post below in July of 2015. Sadly, in the current political climate in America, many of you still ostracized: rejected, shunned, spurned, snubbed, excluded, avoided, ignored, kept at arm’s length, etc. Because of the media, politicians, and even some “Christian” preachers, fear and anger toward Muslims is far too common.

My Muslim friends, I want to change this! I travel to churches all over the USA to help them get God’s heart for you – a heart of compassion, kindness, and real love. It is happening. It really is! But. . .it is slow. Like you, I battle stereotypes that the media has wrongly created.

I want to affirm what I wrote two years ago: if you are a Muslim immigrant, refugee, or international student in America, I love you with the love of Jesus and welcome you here.



Some pretty insensitive and crazy and just plain wrong things have been said lately about the immigration of Muslims to America.
(please see my last blog post: It is entitled, “Should Immigration Of Muslims To America Be Stopped? Astaghfirullah!”)

These comments have come as a result of recent “lone wolf” jihadist violence in Western countries: Great Britain, France, Denmark, Canada, Australia, and America, and the concern that some people have about Muslims in America becoming radicalized by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

I am just one person (and just one person without a huge amount of influence at that!) but I want to send a message from the Arabic language to Muslims coming to America:



Like all immigrants, if you want to obey the laws of America, I welcome you here! I want you here!

To all my Muslim friends – whether you were born in America, whether you came here as an immigrant, whether you came here as an international student, or whether you came here as a refugee:

I am glad that you are in America.
You make America a better place. A richer place.
You make my life a better life. A richer life.

Here in America we can talk freely about God – who He is.
Here in America we can talk freely about Jesus – why he came.
Here in America we can talk freely about Paradise – how we can get there.

I love you, my Muslim friends.


And I know many other Christians feel exactly the same way.