Dear Muslim friends,

Ramadan came and went a few weeks ago – as did Eid.

So I have a question for you:

As you finished Ramadan for yet another year, did you reach your goal – or goals?

Did you feel:

– closer to God?
– forgiven and clean?
– closer to your family?
– closer to the umma – your Muslim community?
– relieved that you don’t have to fast like this for another year?


What next? How do you follow up Ramadan? Eid – of course. And watching the World Cup with 6 Muslim majority nations playing (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia). Both of these things were probably enjoyable for you.

But spiritually – after Ramadan and Eid – what will you do to try to please God? What will you do to cause your good deeds to outweigh your bad deeds on the Day of Judgment? What is your. . .goal?

maxresdefault (3).jpg goal

May I share something with you as a follower of Jesus?


First the bad news:
I can’t EARN God’s love – and neither can you.
I can’t DO enough good deeds to get to Paradise – and neither can you.

But there is good news – really, really GOOD news:
God knew I couldn’t earn His love but He gave it to me anyway – because He is love.
God knew I couldn’t do enough good deeds so He sent someone who could – Isa – Jesus the Messiah and Savior.

It’s all found in the Injil in Ephesians 2:8-9.


Jesus paid the debt we couldn’t pay.
Jesus died the death we wouldn’t want to die.
Jesus took our place on a cross.
Because he loves us.
It’s all found in the Injil in John 3:16.

John_3_16_1280X1024 (1)

Eyewitnesses saw this death. And eyewitnesses saw Isa – Jesus – after he rose from the dead.
They went all over the world telling people this amazing news:
– salvation is a gift!
– you don’t have to earn it
– receive it
– take it
– it’s yours – by faith.

My Muslims friends, this salvation Jesus offers is truly free. Completely, totally free. But. . .it costs to follow Jesus. Your family, your friends, your umma may reject you. Disown you. Even harm you. But Jesus will never leave you if you invite him into your heart and commit yourself to follow him.

Yes, Ramadan has ended. The World Cup is getting near its exciting finish.

But. . .there is something so much more exciting:
Knowing that your sins can be totally wiped out. Your honor restored. Paradise insured.
Jesus will do all that for you if you ask.

I plead with you:
ask him today.