On Tuesday night, my wife and I flew into the Denver airport from Detroit Michigan.

As we waited to board our plane in Detroit, we noticed 4 or 5 young Arab men who were also waiting.  They were having quite a good time – talking and laughingI was immediately drawn to them but chose not to begin a conversation with them.

We boarded the plane and they filed by.  This time, I initiated some friendly talk, asking one of them about the food one of them was carrying (I could see the Arabic lettering on the bag).  I thought it was probably Arabic sweets but it turned out to be little cheese pizzas.  I teased him that I was hungry.  Good naturedly, he offered to give them to us.  Twice.  But I gratefully declined.

I thought I would not see these kind, young Arab men again but as we were waiting for our shuttle to our rental car at the Denver airport, they walked by on their way to a different car rental shuttle.  I jokingly shouted out to them,

“Hey, where’s my pizza?!”

They smiled and kept going.

But 3 or 4 minutes later, back came two of them with the little cheese pizzas – a nice little Eid gift for us!  

I found out the giver’s name – Mustafa –  and gave him and his friend a business card for this blog.   Off he went.

Mustafa, if you are reading this,

“Shukran for the cheese pizzas!” 

I hope to see you again, my friend. . .

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